We take great tunes and create exciting arrangements exploring the dynamic range of the string quartet. Our repertoire of mostly-English tunes are all calculated to get feet tapping and people on the dance floor!

We can play for weddings, birthdays and other events in Bristol and further afield. We can provide a caller to explain the dances and we have our own PA system (with lights!). Please get in touch if you would like more information!

If you’d like to come and dance at one of our public ceilidhs, we have a couple coming up:

  • Bristol Ceilidhs (23rd September 2017) at the Folk House – more information here
  • Ruff Ceilidhs (27th October 2018) in Cardiff – more information here
  • White Horse Ceilidhs (1st December 2018) in Wantage – more information here

In the meantime here are a few demo tracks to whet your appetite:

Jack and the Beanstalk & New Moll In The Road (jigs), trad. arr. Bristol Ceilidh Quartet

The Westcoaster & The Wonder (hornpipes), trad. arr. Bristol Ceilidh Quartet

And here are a couple of videos from past ceilidhs: